5 Great Tips That Will Transform Your Space and Not Break the Bank

As we make our way through summer, we often find ourselves feeling that a room we once loved has grown stale. Luckily, there are many options to spruce up any room needing some added flair. First and foremost, de-clutter your space! This goes beyond picking up loose items scattered around. Take an opportunity to see what really needs to stay and what could be removed or replaced. Once completed, rearranging your furniture can redefine the mood of any space that has started to lose its edge. Introducing or replacing an area rug with a new pattern or design can help change the feel of the space.  Make sure your area rug is large enough, ideally, all the furniture will fit on the rug.  A bigger rug will make the space feel larger.

Wallpaper is also a reasonable option for creating a new vibrancy. By simply applying a new design to this bathroom, the aesthetic is completely changed. For exterior modifications, something as simple as a fresh coat of paint on your front door makes a massive impact. Zillow recently announced that homes with black and or charcoal grey front doors can increase your home value over $6,000. We repainted the railing and balustrade in this entry as well as replaced the old light fixture for a stunning change. Another effective method is replacing old lighting fixtures with a modern flair. There is a myriad of cool fixtures available on the market today that can change your spaces look.  Happy updating and enjoy the rest of summer!

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