Aggressive Scheduling

Framing portion of a remodel

We have just received news this week that we will not be able to extend the lease on our rental home. This means we have 78 days to complete the house or make a double move – we are still in framing!

Some of you HGTV watchers may be thinking NO PROBLEM… they redo kitchens in a week. Well, I hate to tell you that is just not reality. We will be doing what is called Aggressive Scheduling. Every job should be scheduled as tightly as possible. However, clients often hold up the process by not making design decisions quickly enough. It seems so early to be choosing all my plumbing fixtures when my new house is not even framed.

What most clients do not realize is that design choices can have a big impact on earlier parts of the project. For example, choosing a wall hung toilet that changes how the wall needs to be framed to support it. If you want your project to go as quickly as possible, you need to have well-thought-out plans prior to starting the project.

Meeting this time frame on a project of this scope will be very challenging and provide no room for mistakes. You can only go so fast without compromising quality, which of course we are unwilling to do. Follow along and see if we can make this date. The 6 steps to take for an Aggressive Schedule are:

  • Have a complete set of plans designed and engineered completed prior to starting construction.
  • Make all primary design selections prior to starting construction: appliances, plumbing, windows, and lighting.
  • All subs should be prescheduled with a general schedule.
  • Make all secondary design choices by the time framing begins, including tile, carpet, and so on.
  • Follow up, follow up, and more follow up!
  • PRAY!