Honey, I Want It All!

Architect at a desk working

Our journey started out with a vision of a Cape Cod Charming home. At least that is what we told our Architect, Dave Giulietti of Giulietti/Schouten AIA Architects. Lucky for us, he designed our home from the inside out. After several discussions about the look and feel we were after, the design rendering came out quite contemporary.

This was not what we expected but quickly fell in love with all the windows, light, open floor plan, and soaring ceilings. The original home is a daylight ranch built in the 1960’s possessing none of the attributes we loved. It quickly became apparent we would have to gut the basement and take down the entire first floor to create what we wanted. Then, to get the additional rooms that we wanted we decided to add a third floor to the plan as well. As the design firmed up it was clear we had to do some value engineering. Yes – that meant cutting the cost.

The first thing we did was remove the 500 square foot basement bump out. Next came the window bid, and WOW! With 61 windows it added up fast. After doing some smart shopping, we traded the aluminum wood clad windows in for a vinyl window with a bronze exterior. This change saved us around $25,000 and kept the contemporary look we are after. Still needing to save more money, we lowered all the 15-foot ceilings to 14 feet. Again, saving substantial dollars while not sacrificing the design.

We fell in love with quarter sawn walnut slab doors, but we decided to only splurge for them on the main and second floor while putting painted slab doors in the basement. Every decision is weighed with a cost/benefit choice. We want to spend the money where we will get the most bang for the buck. This is what good design is all about – knowing where you should cut and where to spend the money.