What Color Is That?

Well, the sheetrock is up and the interior painting phase is coming fast. Most people that I speak with still insist on going to the paint store choosing a few swatches and making their paint selection. This always surprises me. One of the most impactful remodeling design decisions you make in a project is the color you paint your walls.

Paint color changes so dramatically with natural light, different artificial light sources such as LED lamps versus incandescent light bulbs, and most important what color the paint is next to. The best way to choose paint is to buy the paint colors you like and actually paint it on the wall. Many local paint stores now offer small paint containers for $3.99. This is the perfect way to really see the color.

Be sure you are also aware of sheen as this greatly affects how the color is perceived. Every paint company has various names for each sheen so be sure you see the same color in various sheens before making a selection. All semi-gloss sheens are not the same. I cannot tell you how many calls I have received from people insisting that the color is not the same as the chip once it is painted on the wall.

It is well worth the time and small expense to buy the paint and look at it in the evening and daytime. Paint is a great inexpensive way to transform a space. Happy Painting!