Kitchen and Bath Remodeling Wilsonville

Complete Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling

Kitchen and Bath Remodeling WilsonvilleMetke Remodeling & Luxury Homes is your partner in providing bathroom and kitchen remodeling and renovation services that are thoughtfully-designed, durable, on-time, and on-budget – every time. By employing the best craftsmen, designers, and home remodeling contractors in Wilsonville, we confidently deliver results that keep our clients eagerly returning for additional projects year after year.

Working with our design-build team means that we will be with you for the entire remodel process. Having been in business for so long we have an expansive amount of knowledge and experience under our belts. You wouldn’t want to trust just anyone to be working in your home for weeks. But Metke Remodeling and Luxury Homes has won numerous awards and has a 5 star customer satisfaction rating! When you work with our team not only do we provide you with the most luxurious home builds, additions and remodels but you become a part of the Metke family. We often form long lasting bonds with our clients because of how closely we work with them and the attention to detail and care that we put in to every project.

Remodel Referrals From Other Customers

Cost isn’t just about numbers. Often, value is more important than the final price. Many of our clients have discovered that it’s riskier not to hire Metke Remodeling and Luxury Homes to manage their renovation project. With so many referrals in the Wilsonville area, we are happy to connect you with former clients who can share their experience and quell any fears about our adherence to budgets, scheduling, and the value we bring to each project.

As homeowners ourselves, we understand that having workers in your home for weeks on end can be disruptive to your daily routine. But part of the value we bring to every renovation project is being sensitive to your need for personal space. And when interacting with clients in their home, our workers are always pleasant and personable.

Express Your Own Design In Your Remodels

Kitchen and Bath Remodels in WilsonvilleThe best kitchen and bathroom designs require careful thought and planning. Coupled with quality craftsmanship and responsible construction methods, a home can be transformed to serve your lifestyle for decades. Our remodel projects are built to last; not only in terms of construction, but aesthetically. Very few bathroom designs from the 1970’s, for example, look or function in the way that modern life demands. Cabinets might be too bulky, wallpaper designs can be too period-specific, and fixtures may simply be overly ornate. We help connect you with what works for your lifestyle, taking into consideration the size of your family, how often you entertain, and how your lifestyle might change in the future. A renovation is more than replacing the old with the new; it’s a re-evaluation of who you are. Contact our team today to get started on improving your home’s overall utility and vibrancy.

Your Remodeling Partner

While the appearance of a room can be adjusted with new furniture, paint, or tapestries, bathrooms and kitchens are quite another story! Unsightly countertops and cabinetry, water-damaged floors, and outdated fixtures are much more challenging to replace. And even if, say, a new light fixture looks great in the showroom, there’s a chance it will clash or shine light differently once you get it home. But having an experienced partner helps you avoid these kinds of design mistakes, increasing the chances that your remodel will end up looking and feeling better than you imagined.

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