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Light & Bright Kitchen and Bath Remodel


Kitchen remodel goals – Work within the confines of the existing kitchen footprints, but achieve a more open feel.  Eliminating the upper cabinets at the sink wall, while adding extra storage at the end, creates the illusion of a lighter space.  Taking advantage of cavities within the opposite walls allows full-depth cabinetry to be incorporated while also creating larger passage ways.  Light and bright materials including glass front cabinets adds to the airiness.

Master bath remodel goals – Better utilize the footprint and angles of the room to create a master spa.  The toilet needed to stay in its existing location directly inside the door, so we changed the door to a custom, unique pair of gate-looking doors.  The massive tub was eliminated and a large shower situated to accommodate the sloped ceiling.  Repositioning the vanity to be in front of the window, and creating a sliding mirror system allowed for a double vanity.