Aaron Krolczyk

Aaron is a New Yorker through and through.  He grew up living in the country, helping his dad with his RV repair business and chopping firewood on the weekends. After graduating from High School he moved to Buffalo. After 5 years working for the NHL, the Buffalo Sabres, and acquiring his 2nd Class Steam Engineering degree, he made the decision to move to the West Coast, more sun, less snow. He learned about the solar energy industry and the sales side of construction while in California. He eventually made his way to Oregon and started with a small family-owned company building ADU’s. Unfortunately, they weren’t able to make it through the pandemic. Aaron joined Metke remodeling in March of 2021.

In his free time, he enjoys his love as an adrenaline junkie. Big hills and excessive speeds of 40+ on a piece of wood and 4 wheels are addictive. He is an avid action sports photographer and an active member of the social justice community.