Kevin Lamb

Kevin has been working for Metke Remodeling since 1995! He started as a finish carpenter and later due to his tremendous attention to detail and his obsession with perfection, shifted into a master stair carpenter position. AKA the Stair Master. Kevin didn’t enter into the carpentry industry due to a burning desire to work with his hands. What he wanted was a steady income to take care of himself and a future family, and to buy what he always wanted. A motorcycle! Young Kevin hitchhiked into the construction industry under the wing of a local builder where he perfected his trade and quickly learned his greatest skills were his precision and patience. Kevin got the nickname Stair Master because of his forethought and sequence planning. “Building stairs is like eating an elephant. It seems like a huge impossible task, but if you take one “bite” at a time, soon you will have completed the whole thing”. His favorite project he has worked on was the Metke front entry Pivot door.