Remodeling Dunthorpe

Remodeling Dunthorpe

Artful Kitchen Remodels

Metke knows how to blend art with efficiency when it comes to kitchen remodels. Known for creating modern, traditional elegance, our designers infuse each home with the personalities of its occupants.

But thoughtful design doesn’t have to break the bank. We help our clients stay on budget without compromising their preferences. We help improve kitchen elements such as:

  • Overall kitchen redesign and construction
  • Task lighting
  • Electrical outlet reconfiguration
  • Backsplash tiling

  • Appliance removal and reinstallation
  • Flooring replacement
  • High-occupancy and space-saving solutions
  • Masonry and carpentry

Remodeling Homes Designed For You

Whether you’re imagining an updated bathroom or a reinvented kitchen in your Dunthorpe home, Metke Remodeling & Luxury Homes helps you make sure the new space is thoughtfully remodeled, designed and integrates seamlessly with its current look. Our luxury home remodels don’t just improve the existing structure, they make you fall in love every time you walk through the door. A newly designed space should be functional as well as beautiful; enhancing the home’s value and reflecting your individual style.

Bathroom Remodeling

Remodeling in DunthorpeAn outdated or poorly functioning bathroom can weigh on the minds of homeowners for years. And sometimes making small improvements like new linens or a different color paint doesn’t seem worth it if the rest of the bathroom is lackluster. Metke remodelers can help you transform a lifeless bathroom into a timeless retreat that perfectly reflects your style and vision. We make the renovation experience enjoyable by cleaning all areas of the home to keep dust to a minimum, making sure your project manager is available, and expertly managing scheduling of workers to minimize downtime and keeping projects running smoothly. Each person you interact with at Metke is respectful of owners in communication, scheduling, and cleanup efforts. We let you know which workers are coming and when; sticking to our schedule and allowing you to see what will be happening each day.

We look forward to getting started on your next home renovation project. Contact our office to schedule a meeting!

Remodeling For More Space

Residents in the scenic Dunthorpe neighborhood choose Metke because we understand luxury homes, especially when it comes to add-ons. Whether you’re moving up, down, or outward, a new home addition can open countless possibilities. By only working with distinctive, master craftspeople who also specialize in high-end properties, we ensure that every detail is distinctive and expertly engineered. We only source our materials from the best suppliers in the area whose partnerships help us provide thoughtful, imaginative solutions to any custom home design. Whether it’s whole-house renovations or home additions, you always can count on us to get your home remodel right the first time.

Your Remodeling Experts

When you want a new kitchen or bathroom or bedroom and you want it to look beautiful, exactly how you imagined it, then Metke Remodeling and Luxury Homes should be your first stop. With an exceptionally skilled and experienced team of designers, carpenters and project managers, you can be assured that your next remodel will be done masterfully. Working with you from start to finish, our design-build team has been providing Portland residents with the most luxurious remodels for over 30 years. Working with us means that you get to spend more time with our designers picking out paint colors and cabinets and flooring while our contractors us their expert craftsmanship to make everything come to life. Letting you enjoy the fun of the remodel and the beautiful results. Our customers deserve the very best and we are here to provide it.

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