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Remodeling Projects

Remodeling TualatinMetke Remodeling & Luxury Homes have a great team of skilled designers and contractors that have been serving the Portland area for over 32 years. Offering a full range of design-build home remodelings, renovations, repair, and custom woodwork services. Whether you’re looking to do an entire home renovation project, a bathroom or kitchen remodel, create an outdoor living space, or want to have a unique home entertainment unit crafted to your specific needs. Metke Remodeling is the only remodeling contractor you need to call.

Having part of your home remodeled is not a simple task that can be done by anyone. It requires expert thought, planning, and attention to detail. But our team of contractors at Metke Remodeling and Luxury Homes have been with us for many years and have all the skills and experience to handle any project we take on. We do not accept just ‘ok’ work. We use the best materials and have the best team working with you for the entire project, and that is why we have been awarded the best remodeling contractors in Portland 2018!

Remodels Designed For You

Whether you imagine an updated bathroom or a reinvented kitchen in your Tualatin home, Metke Remodeling & Luxury Homes help you make sure the new space is thoughtfully remodeled, designed, and integrates seamlessly with its current look. Our luxury home remodels don’t just improve the existing structure; they make you fall in love every time you walk through the door. A newly designed space should be functional as well as beautiful, enhancing the home’s value and reflecting your style.

The Right Team For Your Remodel

Custom Remodeling In TualatinWhen you are starting your remodel, you want to hire the right people for the job. Remodels can cause complications, and working with inexperienced people can turn out very badly. But at Metke Remodeling and Luxury Homes, we have been doing this for 32 years and are proficient in every type of remodeling project you could imagine. It makes a world of difference that we are a design-build team.

From designing and drawing blueprints to installing cabinetry and trim, Metke Remodeling & Luxury Homes handles the entire remodeling process. For our clients in Tualatin and the surrounding areas, that means every element of the home upgrade has Metke’s exclusive signature. Our in-house team of designers, craftspeople, and project managers work with homeowners to make remodeling visions a reality. But our reputation for excellence wasn’t built on a results-focused approach. We believe that creating dream homes in the most coveted neighborhoods in Tualatin requires a remodeling contractor whose navigation skills are just as sharp as their arrival time.

Metke Remodeling Tualatin

Since 1989 Metke Remodeling and Luxury Homes has been building and remodeling luxury homes to fit all of our customer’s design ideas and create their dream homes. If you are wanting to remodel or add on to any part of your homes, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team has extensive training and experience to handle any project. Call Tualatin’s best luxury home re-modelers!

Tualatin’s Professional Remodels

When you want a new kitchen or bathroom or bedroom, and you want it to look beautiful, exactly how you imagined it, then Metke Remodeling and Luxury Homes should be your first stop. With an exceptionally skilled and experienced team of designers, carpenters, and project managers, you can be confident that we will complete your next remodel masterfully. Working with you from start to finish, our design-build team has been providing Portland residents with the most luxurious remodels for over 32 years. Working with us means that you get to spend more time with our designers picking out paint colors and cabinets and flooring while our contractors us their expert craftsmanship to make everything come to life. Letting you enjoy the fun of the remodel and the beautiful results. Our customers deserve the very best, and we are here to provide it.

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