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It’s Getting Steamy In Here

We are finally moved into to our new house! It has brought a treasure trove of new items that have been both delightful and over whelming at the same time. Gone are the days you simply turned a switch for light. My phone has become even more important as I cannot turn on or off my music without it. That being said my two favorite items are the Vacuflo system and the Wolf Steam Oven. My initial experience with the Vacuflo system was shocking. I was vacuuming up some wood shavings from the long handles being installed on the new cabinets. In a matter of seconds one of the 8” long handles still in its package flew across the counter and right into my Vacuflo system. It happened SO fast I was not even sure it had occurred. My worst thoughts were confirmed when my system started losing suction.

After several visits from Gary’s Vacuflo they were able to remove my 8” long handle. Now I am well versed in the power I hold with my new vacuum and now threaten my child that he too could in fact end up in my system.

My next adventure is with the Wolf Steam Oven. I have to say this oven which is both a convection and steam oven can perform small miracles. Gone are the dry stale left overs. Just 1-2 minutes in that amazing oven and you will not even recognize the food. I must say there is a learning curve I am still climbing but so far I am amazed at what you can do with Steam. If you are interested follow the link below. Stay tuned for more adventures to come!

It’s Getting Steamy In Here!

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