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Our greatest strength is in our Team approach to serving our clients. Design Build is the integration of inspiration and creation under one roof. We now have a team of 5 full-time Interior Designers and ensure that all of our projects are thoughtful, functional, and beautiful.
Our new design studio allows us to better serve our clients by providing an inspiring space filled with lots of materials and furnishing options. The space allows us to educate our clients on everything from the difference in light temperature, countertop options, to what different exterior sidings look like. We believe better-educated client results in a more creative project.
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As we look towards the future, continued investment in growing the next generation of skilled team members, and the integration of more construction-related technology, will keep us sharp and ready to keep delighting our clients and friends with beautiful spaces for a long time to come.

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  1. Crystal Elder
  2. Jenny Tambe
  3. Tonya Hopkins
  4. Celeste Dyson

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