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Working with Metke Remodeling & Luxury Homes, you benefit from all-inclusive services including design and build in one location.

For their exceptional service I would like to recognize Shane Sullivan, Karen Sedwick and Claire Bennett. Shane Sullivan was communicative and very conscious of the work. He paid attention to detail and worked hard to make sure things worked out. He is an incredible project manager. Karen Sedwick and Claire Bennett were both terrific designers.

Metke Remodeling & Luxury Homes exceed my expectations in getting the house completed to move in before the end of June. I sold my house in May and had until the end of June to move in.

Everyone was kind, respectful, considerate, and knowledgeable. They never took long to answer questions, or left me hanging, they got things done. They emailed a detailed message including pictures every day and followed up on email. It was a good experience, we ended up giving them a party when the work was complete.

Doolin, Linda

Curtis, Nick and the entire Metke team have been a pleasure to work with from start to finish. Every detail was thoroughly gone through and the communication was top notch with daily updates throughout the project. The company’s processes including management, organization and attention to detail is impressive. The design team Karen, Jenny and Zoe helped put together a gorgeous end result. They were always meticulous, professional, patient and provided us with renderings, plans and finish samples throughout the entire process to make sure there were no surprises with the finished product. The Metke team has set the bar high and we would not hesitate to use them again in the future. In fact, we’ve already recommended Metke to a few of our friends discussing potential remodels.

High quality products, subcontractors and overall workmanship and if anything was ever missed, it was always quicky rectified.

We made serval change orders through the process and Metke still finished up fairly close to the original timeline.
Communication was top notch from start to finish.

Curtis was fantastic from start to finish. Excellent communication, managing subs and knew our house better than we did!
Everyone involved did a fantastic job from our first intro meeting with Karen to the final turnover meeting, and we can see each team member has their own special and unique talents that were contributed to the project. The people that especially stand out for us are Curtis and his management and exceptional communication style, Jenny and her ability to coordinate, organize and put together an exceptionally detailed design plan that led to a superior fit and finish, and Zoe with her natural talent to suggest colors, finishes and fixtures that gave us our beautiful end result.

I have never worked with such a thorough design team and project management team. If I am ever to work with any other construction or contractor again, Metke has definitely set the bar very high!

Collier, Heather & Ethan

The whole team was great! Special thanks to Arlo for his diligence in managing the project to completion (with lots of work in the cold winter weather) and the great design team, Jenny and Zoe!

Heninger, John & Nina

Quality of Workmanship – Metke’s work is impeccable.

Allen, Michael & Jennifer

The Metke team was fantastic — quality craftsmanship, high dedication to client satisfaction, and top-notch communication. Best of all – they’re simply lovely, kind, hardworking human beings to work with. I’d hire them again in a skinny second. 🙂

Kelley Pecis

It was a complete peace of mind exercise with this addition bathroom makeover in my house. I would recommend Metke to anyone who asks. From Karen Sedwick to Don Litton, the process was genuine, trustworthy, and honest. You can’t put a price tag on that. I hope to use your services in the near future for other wish list projects in my house!

Norman Fetzer

Metke Remodeling did an outstanding job for us, and they were a pleasure to work with. They communicated well throughout the project, and their Project Manager supervised every sub-contractor and advocated for us as if it was his own house being renovated. The quality of workmanship is very high, and the sub-contractors came without the delays that typically push out a schedule. When uncontrollable factors (weather, etc) intervened, they were handled well and with excellent communication. When there was a misunderstanding of the bid of a sub-contractor, Metke mediated a fair remedy. I would use them again and will recommend them wholeheartedly.

Dr. Paul and Laurie Flint

Thank you guys very much for the great job you have done with our project! We really appreciate all your hard work and dedication to our project!  We certainly plan to use the Metke team for our future remodeling projects!  

Thank you again!

Jeff Horne

We are just at the beginning of our third remodel with Metke Remodeling & Luxury Homes, so that should be a good indication of how we feel about their work! We have done a whole house remodel in our previous home, a kitchen and family room remodel, and are starting a master suite and laundry room in our current place. We keep choosing Metke Remodeling in equal parts because they are good people, and also because they have a beautiful design esthetic. All their projects are well-planned and well-executed. Having Jeff Metke handle our projects assured that thoughtful design meets up with practical considerations. His designers ( we worked with Jenny who is terrific!) and his project managers (looking forward to working with Nick on this next one!) are also skilled and very professional, but also fun, which is especially important if you are living on the worksite like we are this time! Can’t say enough good about the whole team! Thanks to you all!

Jennifer Duncan

Having undertaken several major new build/remodeling projects over the past 30 years, we’ve seen what good, and not-so-good can look like. Without question, working with Metke on this project was in a different universe. Planning, listening, execution, communication, follow up and level of engagement were all top of class. If someone was to ask us what we would tell them about taking on a project with Metke, all we’d say is “…quit looking and get to work.

We’ve commented to a number of folks that the quality of workmanship by the craft trades on this job was exceptional. By way of example, the quality and fit-up of rough framing work was as good as the finish carpentry work on other jobs. Metke has a crew of master craftsmen & craftswomen who really know their stuff.

1st class organization – from the planners, schedulers, budget/finance, project managers and owner. All coordinated and exceptionally professional.

On top of the job from day 1. Was a pleasure to work with. Approachable, concerned with our concerns, good listener and was open and honest. When there was an issue, didn’t look for someone or something else to blame – just made it right. Very refreshing characteristic in this industry.

Mike Slovachek

I thought they did exemplary work,  Metke exceeded my expectations.

Kerrin Phillips

Metke made our small 60-year-old house into a comfortable, spacious modern home. We were treated in the friendliest & professional manner, not just a customer or another project. This remodel was a positive experience for us working with Metke.

Cheryl Walker

I like the quality of work that was done as well as the transformation. Metke was able to provide the vision that we had hoped for and were able to bring it to life. The communication, quality of work, and transparency that Metke used throughout the whole project exceeded my expectations.

Dr.Jeffrey & Jessica Duman

Workmanship is very good and all subs were on schedule, very qualified, and respectful of our expectations. Top to bottom, a very good team! Having used other contractors for work previously, and having regrets later, we were reminded that price alone should not be the driving force behind your remodeling decision.

Bill & Carolyn Leuttgerodt

“The final product Jeff and his team of designers provided exceeded our expectations. Throughout the remodeling contractor selection process we kept coming back to Metke as the right choice based on Jeff’s personal interest and involvement in our project, accessibility any time we had a question and his timely response to our inquiries. Equally important was the fact that Metke had a portfolio of previous home renovation projects and a long list of satisfied clients. Reputation and longevity in the remodeling business is everything. Jeff and his team provided quality workmanship, outstanding customer service and personal attention to detail which will continue to contribute to their success.”

Jason & Kari Landmark

“We would highly recommend Metke Remodeling & Luxury Homes to anyone. Everyone that worked on our house were true professionals and their attention to detail was amazing. Andrew (our Project Manager) made things very easy for us every step of the way. We had very high expectations and they were exceeded in every aspect!”

Paula Vandehey

“I was pleased with all aspects of the remodeling which Metke did of my home in Lake Oswego. I would recommend them without hesitation or condition to anyone.”

James Moehling

I was most satisfied in terms of the professionalism that they ensure they deliver what is on the drawing. If there was something we didn’t like, and it didn’t match the drawing, they just fixed it. There were no questions about if it was necessary or fine, they just fixed it.

Eric and Anna Kodesch

“I would highly recommend working with Metke Remodeling and Woodworking in terms of quality, comfort in the relationship, openness to change, and overall satisfaction of job. They’ve done a great job.”

John & Debra Stewart

“We love our remodel and loved the experience. The quality of work is outstanding down to
the smallest details. The team of very talented craftsmen were professional and reliable.
We were fortunate enough to be able to work with Teresa as our designer. She understood
our style perfectly and made a very overwhelming project enjoyable. If we ever do another
remodel project, Metke Remodeling will be our go-to builder.”

Angela Fisher

“From start to finish, we had a great experience with Metke Remodeling. Jeff saw our vision and made it happen – even better than we could have imagined! Our project manager was a delight to work with and went above and beyond our expectations with attention to detail. The project coordinator and designer was invaluable as this was our first remodeling experience. We were so pleased with the initial add on and remodel job Metke did that we used them again a year later for our master bath remodel. We had an incredibly positive experience with Metke Remodeling and would highly recommend their services.”

David & Alex Gewant

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