John Patrick

JP (John Patrick) got started in the construction industry when he was 12 years old. His love for carpentry and woodworking started when he took his first shop class in middle school. With a teacher for a mother and an attorney for a father, JP had to obtain his skills through hands-on experiences. After graduating from the University of Wisconsin with a BS in Construction Management, JP worked as a carpenter for several years until he relocated to the Portland area in 1998. JP began working at Metke Remodeling in 2000 as a carpenter and quickly transitioned into a Project Management role. As the company expanded and transformed over the years, JP transitioned into the Production Management role to train and oversee all production and provide construction expertise to the Metke Design Team.

Today JP is back in a carpenter roll as that is his true passion. His favorite part of a remodel project is, “Seeing something finished. I love the tangible aspects of the project. You don’t get to see that as much when you are in a management position”. His greatest strength is “I am flexible. Being able to be flexible in a production role is very important as you never know when you will get thrown a curveball and have to adjust and keep moving forward”.