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Thinking of an addition to your home? What are you on the lookout for? A second story? A guest suite? Maybe a wine cellar or entertainment space! With Metke Remodeling & Luxury Homes as your additions contractor, you can have it all — and then some.

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Metke Remodeling: Your House Additions Contractor

Welcome to Metke. We’re happy you’re here. For more than three decades, we’ve built up a fine portfolio of additions contracting work. This work has helped make us one of the most highly decorated and in-demand remodeling companies in Portland. Our Portland custom home additions services leave our clients stunned. When we work, we work with precision and expertise. We are quick and efficient at bringing our clients’ dreams and imaginations to life. But we don’t — and won’t — rush.

Consider the “Mountain View Marvel,” one of our luxury additions in Lake Oswego and custom home additions West Linn areas. Or ask us about the work we’ve done in West Hills or our luxury additions Wilsonville and custom home additions Tualatin. Just about anywhere you look in the Portland metroplex, you’ll find our additions contractor work. From up in the West Hills to down near the foggy river bottoms in and around Sellwood.

Our Process

Metke Remodeling adheres to a design-build process. This allows for collaboration and conversation between the expert craftspeople on the job and the homeowners themselves.

General Contractors vs. Design-Build Teams

Only One Contract

Clear, Accurate Costs and Timelines

Fewer Delays

Streamlined Productivity

Budget Focused

Consistent Goals Across Teams

As a design-build firm, Metke is able to collaborate internally between designers, carpenters, and the rest of our team. Best of all, this collaboration is done on-site, in person, and in real-time. This is one of the things that most distinguishes Metke from other Portland remodelers.

Our work is admired, often astounding, and in-demand, for sure. But we wouldn’t be able to marshal and focus all that Metke talent without an emphasis on design-build. We have solidified the bonds between design and construction. No more fragmented, separate crews working on their own projects. Our remodeling approach is unified, comprehensive, integrated. It also saves money and time.

As we’ve written, “Designers, carpenters, contractors, and project managers work collaboratively through the remodeling process.” This ensures that our team can meet budgets and maintain an atmosphere of trust and transparency.

Home Improvements

As an home additions contractor and custom home remodeler, the scope of work is enormous. Our attention to detail comes from years of experience, training, and practice. We provide full-service and full-time home remodels — on time and on budget.

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We’ll work on your remodel project start to finish with a focus on precision, beauty, and friendly customer service. Let’s get to work expanding existing spaces and imagining the possibilities of various room additions during our site visit. You won’t be disappointed.


Contact Metke today for details! Of course, we also provide a wide range of additional services. These include kitchen renovations, bathroom updates and renovations, full-home builds, and exterior renovations. We’d also love for you to visit our design studio. With a talented team of full-time, in-house interior designers on hand, we are now better able than ever to walk clients through potential design-builds before we’ve ever placed a single board.

The Metke Remodeling & Luxury Homes design studio showcases our ability to provide insight and inspiration to everyone who walks through our doors. We have lots of material and furnishing options on hand in the studio to assist you in formulating your wants and needs.

Think of it this way: The Metke design studio encourages collaboration from the very start of the additions contracting process. It also establishes a welcoming space in which we can communicate our vision and educate our clients on design and construction possibilities. We look forward to speaking with you.

Contact us today to get started.

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