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The bathroom remodeling experts at Metke Remodeling & Luxury Homes welcome you. We’re glad you’re here, and we’d like to show you our portfolio of bathroom remodels in Portland. Notice anything special — besides, well, everything?

Luxury Bathroom Renovation Portland, OR

Custom bathroom renovation Lake Oswego, OR

At Metke, we approach our work as if it were a piece of art. In fact, we have a sort of mantra around here: Our work elevates the art of the home. And our portfolio is but the smallest glimpse of the extensive custom and luxurious bathrooms we’ve done throughout the region. There’s so much we can do! Powder rooms, double vanity, guest baths, subway tile, porcelain tile, master baths with marble floors, pedestal sinks, wall tiles, mosaic tiles, and floor tiles in whatever colors you choose, light fixtures, pendant lights, glass shower doors, and on and on and on. So if you’re perusing that portfolio and you see something you like, let us know! If you don’t see anything you like, let us know that, too! This is your dream bathroom remodeling project, and we’re here to bring it to life.

Limitless & Timeless Bathroom Design Ideas

In fact, we can turn your bathroom into just about anything you like — with all the features and amenities that you’ve long dreamed of. What are some of your guest or master bathroom remodel ideas? Our interior designers — in fact, all of our bathroom designers and our home design group — can bring your ideas to life. We’ve done award-winning bathroom remodels in Lake Oswego, for example, that delight and engage both the body and the mind. And the process of getting from A to Z is most of the bathroom remodeling fun!

That’s because when you partner with Metke Remodeling & Luxury Homes, you’ll be right there with our designers — if you like, of course. We’ll help you choose colors and cabinets and flooring and all the little details that will make your bathroom remodel truly special. And when we’re done? Well, that’s when you can soak in the warm and cozy ambiance created by the craftspeople at Metke. (You can also soak in the warm and cozy tub if you’ve got one!)

custom bathroom remodel Portland, OR

Luxury Bathroom Remodel Lake Oswego, OR

Full-Service Bathroom Remodel Contractor

What else? Metke’s been in the bathroom renovating business for a long time now; three decades and counting. Our in-house designers, carpenters, and builders know the ins and outs of full-service bathroom remodeling services and contracting. Consider a homeowner who wants a bathroom remodel in Tualatin. Full-service means we can replace and/or reinvent everything from sinks and showers to toilets, plumbing fixtures, and paint. Depending on the scope of your project, we’ll provide you with an exquisite, top-to-bottom bathroom remodel that will seem more like magic than remodeling. From West Linn bathroom remodels & West Hills bathroom renovations to a bathroom remodel in Wilsonville, we’ve got you covered.

Best of all, as we mentioned above, you’ll be engaged from start to finish in all the details of our Design-Build Process. It begins with an in-home consultation during which we discuss the project and its objectives, discussing and brainstorming ideas to wring every ounce of creative juice out of our team and your imagination. We’ll even give you an estimate for designs and remodel costs, plus construction plans for you to review at your leisure.

We want you to be happy with your Portland-area bathroom remodel. And we think you will be. Through the years, we’ve won over a long list of clients — many of whom return to us again and again. Throughout the process, you’ll see firsthand why our work and our outstanding and friendly customer service have made us one of the most decorated remodeling firms in the nation.

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