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A commitment to excellence for 32 years.

Committed to continually earning your trust, our designers, project managers, carpenters, and office staff are dedicated to providing the highest level of customer service and satisfaction. Our award-winning custom remodeling projects are renowned for the quality craftsmanship, outstanding service, and long-lasting relationships that often transcend the project.


Jeff Metke

Founder & President

For Jeff Metke, woodworking and remodeling homes is more than just an occupation. It’s a way of life. Ever since his grandmother handed him a hammer at the tender age of three, carpentry became Metke’s passion. “In high school, I invested in tools while everyone else was out buying cars,” he remembers. “I put myself through college building furniture and cabinets.” After graduating from Washington State University with a degree in Construction Management, he launched Metke Remodeling. Since then, the company has grown from a small outfit that concentrated on doors and interior finish carpentry into a full-service Design Build firm with 15 skilled employees. “I honestly love to dream up something and then create it,” he says. “My staff and I are truly passionate about our work. When a client walks in to see the finished job and their jaw drops to the floor, that’s what we live for.”

Teresa Metke

Vice President of Design & Marketing

Teresa has been in the design industry for over 20 years; however, she also has a background in business. Teresa graduated from Washington State University with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business. After spending several years in the restaurant management field working for a successful commercial chain, she decided to combine her management experience with her creative talents. Teresa went back to school to study interior design at Marylhurst University. From there she designed and managed the opening of several restaurants.

During this time Metke Remodeling & Woodworking was beginning to grow rapidly. Teresa made the decision to leave the commercial design field to help her husband Jeff further develop the Metke brand. Together they created and implemented processes, hired more designers, project managers, and opened a design showroom.

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Combining Jeff’s construction expertise with Teresa’s design skills allows Metke Remodeling & Luxury Homes to provide something unique to their clients. “It is our goal to make a process that is difficult in nature, as easy as possible for the clients.” Becoming a Design Build firm allows Metke Remodeling to give our clients a better experience by eliminating costly delays and miscommunication. Teresa’s favorite part of the process is the continual search for beautiful and unique ways to create amazing spaces for our clients.

Projects Teresa Has Worked On:
Modern Canal Side Whole House Remodel
Lakeside Luxury Whole House Remodel
Old Spaghetti Factory

Nick Colaco Production Manager at Metke Remodeling & Luxury Homes

Nick Metke

Production Manager

Nick began working for Metke Remodeling in 2017 as a Project manager. After graduating from the University of Oregon in 2011 with a BS in Business, Nick obtained a management position for a large construction supply warehouse where he worked for 7 years. Nick has always had an interest in the construction industry. Growing up he was constantly working on little projects around the house, and his favorite class in high school was shop!

Nick’s favorite part about being in a project management role is being able to see the project progress and transform into something beautiful. He enjoys managing teams because he loves helping people succeed and watching them grow. He also enjoys overseeing the details of the project to ensure the success of both the project and the team. Nick has recently transitioned into a production management role which excites him because he loves looking at all the parts and pieces of a project and studying how they will fit seamlessly together. He is very organized and has been very successful at implementing processes and procedures to enhance our overall production operations.

Jenny Thompson

Accounting Specialist

Jenny joined the Metke Remodeling Accounting team in November 2021.  Jenny comes to Metke with many years of experience in the Accounting and HR field in a wide range of industries the last one being the Wine Industry.  Jenny enjoys having a fresh eye and helping make her co-worker’s job a little easier by trying to find ways to streamline processes and sharing the workload in this time of company growth.  Jenny is excited to make the transition into the design and construction industry and has always enjoyed home design in every aspect.

Crystal Elder

Senior Design Coordinator

Crystal started at Metke in 2008 as a Project Coordinator. She graduated from Oregon State University with a BS in Interior Design in 2002. From there she went on to work alongside a local designer doing residential interiors. Crystal has always been fascinated with homes. Not only does she love the pretty stuff, but she also loves to play around with the layout and space planning. When Crystal was a little girl, she loved to see the new homes being built around her neighborhood and longed to go inside to see them as they were being framed. “To me, it is like a game of Tetris. You have to figure out how you can make each space fit perfectly into your overall footprint”.

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Her favorite part of the design build process is being able to be involved from conception all the way to completion. “Being involved with the project all the way through construction allows me as a designer to have a better understanding of construction and how the project is built, which has made me a better and more thoughtful designer”. Crystal was the very first Design Coordinator at Metke, and now she is the Senior Design Coordinator overseeing two other designers. “I am so pleased that Metke has grown to the point of needing more than one designer on our team. I am very proud of how far we have come, and look forward to seeing where we will go from here”!

Meet Crystal Elder

Karen Sedwick

Sales Designer

Karen joined the Metke Remodeling Design team in January of 2020. She brought with her 16 years of design build experience that she acquired by working with another local design build firm. She first became interested in the design industry when she bought her first house. She found herself daydreaming about all the updates and changes she wanted to make, which sparked the desire for a career change. It was shortly after she graduated from the University of Portland with a Finance degree that she decided to go back to school at Portland Community College to pursue Interior Design. From there she worked alongside local interior designers until she branched out into the design build sector. “I wanted to get a better understanding of how the homes were built, and increase my knowledge of rough-ins and framing”.

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Her favorite part of the design process is being able to provide knowledge and expertise to the clients. “I love hearing “I can’t believe how great the project turned out” from the clients, “did you expect it was going to turn out this great?” and the answer is always yes! It brings a sense of satisfaction to hear the clients recognize they couldn’t have done it alone. I enjoy bringing value and great ideas to the table”. Karen enjoys working on projects of all different design styles. She says “Good design surpasses any one style, however, I would love the opportunity to do some more contemporary projects!”

Meet Karen

Jenny Haynes

Senior Design Coordinator

Jenny graduated from Oregon State University with a BS in Interior Design. After that, she worked for two years as a Real Estate Broker, until joining the Metke Design Team in 2016. Jenny grew up in a very creative household. She enjoyed refurbishing furniture, painting, and helping out with remodel projects around the house. Jenny was first introduced to the design industry in High School when her teacher noticed her unique skill set. When she discovered OSU’s design program, it was a match made in heaven.

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While Jenny cannot pinpoint one favorite design style, she likes to incorporate natural elements into her designs, wood, natural stone, etc. She also enjoys the challenge of being able to make any space beautiful no matter what style. “One of my favorite aspects of remodeling is having the opportunity to work with many different design styles. When you are only remodeling a few spaces in the home you have to ensure the newly designed spaces complement the existing spaces as well.” Her favorite remodel projects are whole-house remodels. “I love being able to provide the client with their dream house, and to see a complete transformation of every space!”.

Meet Jenny Haynes

Claire Bennett

Design Coordinator

Claire started working for Metke Remodeling in 2019 shortly after graduating from Oregon State University with a BS in Interior Design. Claire has always loved interior design and was constantly rearranging and redecorating her childhood home. Her interest in the design field continued to grow through high school and when she learned of OSU’s Interiors program she knew she was meant to be an Interior Designer. In addition to her design background, Claire also has several years of experience working in the retail environment which has equipped her with a very high level of patience and customer service skills. Claire’s favorite part of the design process is the “Idealization phase. I love sourcing materials, space planning, and drafting”! Her favorite design styles are “Modern, Scandinavian, contemporary, and mid-century modern”.

Meet Claire

Zoe Chollar-Webb Junior Design Coordinator at Metke Remodeling & Luxury Homes

Zoe Chollar-Webb

Junior Design Coordinator

Zoe joined the Metke team in July 2021 as a Junior Designer after a 6-month internship. She was born and raised in Santa Cruz County on the Central California Coast. She has loved interior design since she was little. Her grandpa had been an art director and set designer for movies in Hollywood and as a kid, she spent hours drafting with him in his studio. As much as she loved interior design, she never realized it could be a career option. She graduated from the University of California Santa Cruz in 2014 with a BA in European history. While she doesn’t use that degree officially, the education she received and the skills she learned are invaluable. After moving to Portland, OR in 2017 she found Portland Community College’s interior design program. She completed her Associate of Applied Sciences in Interior Design from Portland Community College in June 2021. Prior to her job at Metke Remodeling, she was a nanny for 9 years where she learned the value of consistency, empathy, and clear communication, and also the importance of having fun.

Zoe loves the quirky details of old homes and enjoys working on projects that focus on preserving the historical integrity of homes and neighborhoods. She also likes to create connections between interior spaces and their exterior landscape to bring the outside in. Green and warm earthy tones are her favorites, especially when layered with organic materials and fun textures. Her favorite aspect of interior design, though, is creating warm and welcoming spaces that are unique to each clients’ individual needs.

Nicole Giustino

Junior Design Coordinator

Nicole joined the Metke Team in the Fall of 2022.  A native Californian, she received her Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies from the University of California, Santa Barbara. During her senior year at UCSB, she worked for an architecture firm as an intern drafter and fell in love with architecture and interior design.  This positive experience propelled her to get her Master of Architecture degree from the University of Oregon.  After graduating, she worked as an Architectural Associate and gained invaluable knowledge working on both commercial and residential projects.

Nicole brings her experience in architectural design and love for interiors to each project.  She is an enthusiastic designer who enjoys creating inviting and inspiring spaces that reflect each client’s design goals.  Various design styles intrigue her because she sees them as opportunities to grow.  Her favorite part of a project is seeing it being constructed.  She says, “Although the design phase is exciting because we get to be creative, the build phase is when you get to see a project come to life. It is truly a joy to see the client’s reaction to everything we’ve drawn and dreamt of becoming a reality.”

Ryan Murphy

Project Manager

Ryan started in the construction industry when he was 19. He started off in masonry, but quickly realized it was not his calling, made the transition to carpentry, and never looked back. He worked his way up to project manager for a home remodeler in Santa Cruz, CA before moving up to Portland and joining the Metke team.

Ryan initially started in the construction industry because he liked working with his hands and building things, as well as demolishing things! He moved into project management by the time he was 23, and really enjoys getting to manage all aspects of a project, as well as still getting to do some of the carpentry work. His favorite part of the process is the punch list phase, dialing in all the small details to make the job perfect.

Jacob Stelzenmueller

Project Manager

Jacob comes from a family legacy of craftsmen and skilled tradesmen in the residential construction industry. As a young man, when not in school, he was often working for the family HVAC company crawling around under houses pulling ducts. Many summers as a teenager were spent roofing houses and building skateboard ramps with his buddies using his grandfather’s old carpentry tools. As a young arborist, one could find Jacob climbing dizzying heights, cutting trees, and milling them; he would later use these slabs and lumber as a rustic furniture maker, creating family heirlooms for generations to enjoy. These early years became the foundation of hard work and integrity that he has used to further his career, working his way up through the ranks as an apprentice, framer, remodeling tech, cabinet and fixture installer, journeyman, and now project manager.

Working for the last ten years in the remodeling industry, Jacob found his diverse skills and experience has proven to be a winning combination. Finding a home with the Metke team was a natural fit.

Chris Wall

Project Manager

Chris started as a Project Manager for Metke in 2017, after running a successful framing business with his brother for many years. Chris entered the construction industry because he wasn’t satisfied working in an office environment. “I need to be outside, I feel trapped when I’m behind a desk”. Chris’s father was an engineer, so he was taught the elements of building at a young age. Chris built his own three-story treehouse when he was 8 years old! “The neighbor kid liked my treehouse so much, his mother hired a contractor to build him one just like it!” Chris’s favorite projects are whole-house remodels. He loves to see the complete transformation.

Arlo Christensen

Project Manager

Arlo has been around construction his entire life. As a young boy, he remembers sitting on his father’s lap while he dug footings for the house his dad was building. Arlo’s dad was always doing additions to the house during his grade school years. Out of high school, he got his first construction job, and it was off to the races for Arlo. He worked for the same company for 8 years. In 2009 Arlo got his general contractors license. He successfully ran a business for 12 years before coming to work for Metke Remodeling. Arlo specializes in finish carpentry and has a very sharp eye for finish details. He also enjoys interacting with clients and subs. When he is not working, he enjoys surfing, golfing, snowboarding, camping, and boating. Arlo recently moved from Santa Cruz, CA, where he was born and raised. He loves the ocean!

Curtis Kisky

Project Manager

Growing up in Lake Oswego, Curtis spent most of his free time outside and making things with his hands. From constructing forts in his backyard and birdhouses in his dad’s shop to earning woodworking merit badges in Boy Scout Troop #127, building has always come naturally for him. Combining his appreciation of nature and building, Curtis started working in construction while earning a BS at Portland State University, majoring in Environmental Science. During that time, he developed a keen interest in sustainable building, renewable energy, and rainwater harvesting that he took into practice as a lead carpenter and project manager.

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Now at Metke, Curtis brings over 10 years of high-end residential remodeling experience back to his hometown. Having a combination of hands-on and project management experience has given Curtis a sharp eye for details and craftsmanship. His favorite part of being a project manager is the satisfaction of transforming an idea into a tangible, finished result. Even when he’s not at work, Curtis is likely still building something! He loves building computers, furniture, and tackling the occasional DIY project in his old house. He also enjoys camping, backpacking, snowboarding, and any lakeside/boating activities.

Shane Sullivan

Project Manager

Shane has been working in the trades for more than 25 years. He has a degree in Asian Art history along with a Minor in Fine Arts from Portland State University. He ran his own general contracting business for more than 15 years doing remodels, new builds, ADUs, kitchens, and bathrooms. Prior to that, Shane was a foreman for a remodeling company. He enjoys the satisfaction of completing remodels,

John Patrick

Senior Carpenter & Technical Support

JP (John Patrick) got started in the construction industry when he was 12 years old. His love for carpentry and woodworking started when he took his first shop class in middle school. With a teacher for a mother and an attorney for a father, JP had to obtain his skills through hands-on experiences. After graduating from the University of Wisconsin with a BS in Construction Management, JP worked as a carpenter for several years until he relocated to the Portland area in 1998. JP began working at Metke Remodeling in 2000 as a carpenter and quickly transitioned into a Project Management role. As the company expanded and transformed over the years, JP transitioned into the Production Management role to train and oversee all production and provide construction expertise to the Metke Design Team.

Today JP is back in a carpenter roll as that is his true passion. His favorite part of a remodel project is, “Seeing something finished. I love the tangible aspects of the project. You don’t get to see that as much when you are in a management position”. His greatest strength is “I am flexible. Being able to be flexible in a production role is very important as you never know when you will get thrown a curveball and have to adjust and keep moving forward”.

Hilarion Torres


Hilarion comes to Metke as part of a family with a long history of working in the trades – you could say being a tradesman is in his blood. When he turned 21, he began his career as an apprentice carpenter and never looked back. Hilarion’s favorite part of any project is at the end when he can see the customer’s reaction to the beautiful, completed project. He also really appreciates the art of finish work, the precision and creativity that goes into the last few details that make a house a home.

When not at work, he’s out cheering for the Timbers and Trail Blazers (like any good Oregonian should) and going to concerts to help feed his love of music. But he is happiest spending time with his family. “My daughter has been the biggest motivation in my life to make something of myself, be someone she can be proud of. If not for her, I can’t say I’d be as good of a carpenter as I am today.”

Daniel Pollock

Apprentice Carpenter

Daniel grew up in southeastern New Mexico, spending time working on the family farm and learning to build things. He worked in construction before going to college and received his Bachelor’s in Kinesiology in 2013 from Montana State University. He pursued a career in public safety, and then moved out to Oregon in 2016, all the while doing woodworking and home remodeling projects. After almost a decade in public safety, he sought out a workplace that would line up with his enjoyment of building and working with his hands, leading him to Metke Remodeling. In his personal time, he enjoys gardening, competing in powerlifting, and spending time with his three corgis.

Derek Chism

Finish Carpenter

Derek was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah, and loved woodworking from a young age. After graduating from the University of Utah with a degree in Psychology, he realized that he was happiest when building things out of wood, so he decided to change course and pursue a career in carpentry. The focus and precision required for fine finish carpentry is his favorite aspect of the building process, and he was drawn to Metke because of their reputation for high-quality woodworking in their projects.

When he’s not on-site, Derek can usually be found digging in his garden, cooking, turning wood on his lathe, or hiking and camping with his dog Mars.

Anthony Jacobucci


Anthony was born in Portland and grew up not too far away in Oregon City.  As a toddler, he watched his dad work on every house the family has ever lived in, and around the time he could read he could never put down the old DIY home remodel books his dad had that he used to get into construction/DIY home remodels himself. When Anthony finally could use the internet and had access to a computer as a kid he would scour the internet for woodworking projects and try to build treehouse plans he found online on his own with what little tools and materials his money could buy. In high school, he took a construction course and in his first course he built a model home using only plans, measuring tools and a chop saw. After a few months, and some trial and error, Anothony had built a model 2,500 sq ft home framed all to current code. He advanced so quickly through the all courses that he was the first freshman that got into the final course in a seniors’ class.

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After graduating in 2018 he worked for a few companies doing crawlspace work, water damage restoration, window installation, and demolition. In 2022, through a construction labor temp agency Anthony found Metke and now feels right at home not only doing carpentry but also being a part of all aspects of remodels in new and old homes.

 A motto he lives by is “leave things better than you found them” so Anthony spends most of his personal time working on multiple older cars he owns and breathing new life into old, outdated things and spaces as much as he can. He also helps his dad with his top to bottom home remodels that he does in his spare time.

Cooper Colaco

Company Mascot
  • 2016 to Present – Director of Moral : paw-sitively affecting his peers and clients
  • 25 years Management/ Interior Design
  • Bachelor of Fun – University of Goldens