Basement Remodel Contractors

TV basement room after Hogensen remodel to illustrate basement remodel contractors

Basement Remodel Contractors

At Metke Remodeling and Luxury Homes, we are design-build basement remodel contractors you can trust to turn your basement into something amazing. With the wealth of possibilities for basement remodels, from cozy spaces for entertaining guests to luxurious retreats, our expert team will help you bring your basement vision to life as part of a whole-home remodeling project.

We take pride in offering a customizable experience that caters to every client’s individual needs while ensuring excellence throughout the entire process. As part of an overall home renovation, let us work with you to transform your finished basement into a place you never want to leave!

Basement Remodels: Design Build

When it comes to luxury basement remodels, there is no limit to what you can do. Whether you are looking for a cozy space for entertaining guests or an opulent retreat, the possibilities are endless. With careful planning and attention to detail, you can transform your basement into an elegant and inviting environment that will be the envy of everyone who visits.

Metke Remodeling and Luxury is a design-build firm, which means we bring the two sides of a whole-home remodel–design and construction–together. This leads to faster timelines, fewer miscommunications, and lower costs estimates. By bringing all interested parties together from the start,

This means that we will take care of everything from obtaining permits and approvals, managing subcontractors, ordering materials and supplies, overseeing quality control and inspections, scheduling deliveries, and more. Metke Remodeling and Luxury Homes brings years of experience in the Portland area designing custom basement space plans as well as ensuring that your basement meets code requirements for safety and accessibility.

Design-build basement remodeling projects also typically feature higher-quality materials than traditional construction companies would use due to their greater focus on customized details and finishes. By avoiding generic materials such as those found at big box stores or home improvement centers, we’ll create a unique look for your basement space without breaking the bank.

Gorgeous bar area in the basement area of a Lakeside remodel to illustrate basement remodel contractors.

Improved Communication

Design-build construction firms provide a unique advantage when it comes to basement remodeling projects. We offer streamlined and cost-effective solutions for homeowners looking to upgrade their living spaces. Through design-build services, we work directly with the homeowner in a fully integrated manner throughout the entire project.

This collaborative approach eliminates the need for multiple points of contact, meaning that homeowners are able to get exactly what they want while cutting out unnecessary costs. Another benefit of design-build services is that we will handle all aspects of the basement remodel project from start to finish.

Because there is only one point of contact throughout the entire process (the basement remodel contractor), communication between homeowners and contractors is often more efficient than it would be with multiple parties involved in a traditional construction project.

Finally, another advantage of working with design-build contractors is that we typically offer shorter timelines since all aspects of the project are handled under one roof. This can be particularly beneficial when trying to complete projects within a certain budget or timeframe constraint.

Never ending Possibilities

Whether you’re looking for a cozy space for entertaining guests or an opulent retreat for yourself, trust basement remodel contractors who offer design-build services to get exactly what you want. With custom-built wet bars, wine cellars, game rooms, and home theaters, the choices are virtually limitless. With a luxurious basement remodel, you can create an atmosphere that is both functional and beautiful.

If you want to take your basement remodel to the next level, consider adding some special touches such as high-end finishes, furniture, and artwork. High-end finishes such as intricate tile work or hardwood flooring can instantly add a look of sophistication to any area. Furniture pieces like sofas, chairs, and tables can create a cozy atmosphere while also providing an inviting space for guests.

Finally, don’t forget to bring in the right lighting and audio-visual components for your basement. Lighting fixtures can create a warm, inviting atmosphere while also providing task lighting where needed. Audio-visual systems can include televisions, surround sound systems, video game consoles, and more. With all these elements in place, your basement remodel will be sure to wow everyone who steps foot in the space.

Luxury basement fireplace room to illustrate basement remodel contractors.

A Comfortable Living Space

Considering an auxiliary dwelling unit for a family member? Your basement remodel can include all the creatures comforts of a self-contained living area. Bedroom, bathroom, laundry room, kitchen–your basement will have it all! With a separate entrance, your family members (and you) will have all the privacy they need.

And just because it’s a basement doesn’t mean it has to feel that way. Upgraded lighting, HVAC systems, high-end finishes, and even heated basement flooring creates an oasis in a space that was once considered storage only. When you work with Metke Remodeling and Luxury Homes, know your basement remodel will get the same attention as the rest of the home renovation.

Work With Experienced Basement Remodel Contractors

No matter what type of luxurious basement remodel you’re looking for, proper planning and attention to detail can help make it a success. As part of a whole-home remodel, we will create an inviting environment that will be the envy of all your guests or a comfortable living space for aging family members.

Working with design-build teams means basement designers and contractors work together from the start to give you continuity, improved communication, and fewer disruptions. We strive to make the remodeling experience as painless as possible and to make life-long relationships along the way.

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