Elegant Bath Retreat

With this project, we gutted a dated master bathroom and transformed it into a tranquil dream! Through the installation of custom cabinetry, pristine countertops, unique tile, and elegant fixtures, we created a light, airy and refined modern space. 

A lot of thought and care went into the design and creation of this bathroom. The curb-less shower required precision in every step. Creating a slope for the drain was a necessity, but we wanted to maintain a clean, straight-looking floor plane. Our tile installers were able to do both, by creating a subtle ledge for the shower glass to sit on so that there were no visual interruptions outside of the shower while creating the slope needed for a functional wet space.

There were a few challenging aspects to this project. The main piece was ensuring that our plumbing and electrical fixtures aligned perfectly with our floating vanities before they were hung. This required additional attention to every dimension and detail in both the cabinetry construction and the plumbing and electrical layouts.

Before & After

Before image of a bathtub, showcasing the original condition prior to any enhancements or improvementsAfter image of a bathtub, highlighting the transformed state with modern fixtures and improved design.

Before photo of a vanity, revealing the initial state before any updates or renovationsAfter photo of a vanity, showcasing the renovated state with updated features and a modern aesthetic.