Loving Red

This project embraced existing elements of the home the client wanted to preserve: a modern space with Asian art, contemporary forms, and bold, graphic patterns. By introducing a sleek, sophisticated black and white scheme with pops of vibrant cherry red, this home’s invigorating design juxtaposed the clean and masculine with the bold and playful.

In our design, we focused on high-impact visual elements to ground this space amongst its more soft and neutral background. In the entry, we took an existing wood cabinet and customized it through high-gloss red paint, crisp black details, and new hardware. This element in the entry helps lead your eye throughout the rest of the home. Complementary strong black and white patterns create visual texture that plays off our client’s existing art, sharing modernized motifs that harken to the collection of Asian and Asian-inspired pieces throughout. By using uncommon materials, like quilted faux leather pillows, the straited gray upholstery on the sofas gets a unique and lively counterpart that marries the conventional with the unexpected. Throughout our process, our biggest challenge was marrying modern and classic styles and art, while maintaining a visually interesting, comfortable, and livable home. With modern design in mind, we paired classic Barcelona chairs with Castellano sofas that allows for us to take classic mid-century pieces and mesh them with contemporary elements to create an up-to-date but dynamic space. The hand-upholstered Nathan Anthony dining chairs share this sentiment and bridge the mod styling in the living room to the elevated modern Klismos stool in the kitchen.

Before & After

sitting room before resizedsitting room before resized after photo

Before picture of the dining area, depicting the pre-renovation state with outdated furnishings and decorAfter shot of the dining area, highlighting the renovated space with modernized furniture and an improved overall look

Before photo of a chest or storage unit, displaying the initial state before enhancements and updatesAfter image of the chest or storage unit, showcasing a transformed and updated piece with modern features

Before photo of the entryway, showcasing the initial state with dated features and decor in need of a refreshAfter image of the entryway, revealing a transformed space with updated elements and a more modern aesthetic