Our New Design Studio opening!

Opening our new Design Studio was a great end to 2018! We are constantly on the lookout for new ways to improve our clients’ experience, so we jumped at the opportunity to take over the space adjacent to our existing office. The Design Studio gives us the perfect opportunity to create the best client experience possible.

We can now better educate our clients with a multitude of different material options they can see, feel and hold. We installed different types of recessed lighting fixtures to demonstrate the impact different lighting options can have on their project. In our quest to communicate as clearly as possible with our clients, we brought in Good-Better-Best options in plumbing and other areas to demonstrate exactly what they are purchasing. Seeing truly is believing, and we believe the best client experience results when everyone is on the same page.

Come in and see why our dazzling new Design Studio provides a great experience for our clients!

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