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How to Choose the Right Appliances for You and Your Home

Closeup of an electric range with black burners on a marble-looking countertop to illustrate how to choose the right appliances.

Since 2020, many of us have spent far more time at home than previously. We have been cooking more, cleaning more, and transforming our homes into more than temporary workspaces. Because of this, there has been a surge in consumers focusing on home improvement projects, including wanting to upgrade their appliances to better suit their…

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The four biggest mistakes people make when designing an outdoor kitchen

Jeff and Teresa Metke in Metke Remodeling and Luxury Homes Design Studio Lake Oswego, OR

Not assessing the site for the kitchen. It is important that you look at the relationship between your indoor kitchen and outdoor kitchen. Here are some questions you should consider while accessing this relationship: Is there a path that makes it easy to transport items in between the two spaces? Do you wish to use…

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