What a Difference Decor Makes!

Bathroom with geometric designs on the wall and modern decor

Have you ever wondered how much of a difference interior decorating – furniture, lighting, and décor can make? Changing these elements can be a simple way to transform a space without moving walls.

Notice how the upholstery and rugs enhance the space with softness and warmth. Throw pillows add a pop of color and texture. Each element adds a layer to the look of the space. The proportion of the furniture can influence how the room size is perceived. Take a look at the entry photos below. Using a larger scale table and art gave the space a much more dramatic look. Art gives the space a sophisticated look and can also communicate the desired style of the room.

It is important that all the design elements work together to create a cohesive design that will communicate your vision. Light fixtures are crucial not only for the light they provide but you can use them to draw attention to intended focal points. We could talk all day about the importance of using mirrors. Just remember they are a wonderful tool for visually expanding space and increasing the perceived amount of light in the room.

But let’s not forget about plants – natural elements are a quick and inexpensive way to bring an organic quality into your home. Green plants also balance any room no matter what style. Whether it’s a great seasonal floral bouquet or just a couple of deep green leaves arranged in a sculptural vase – they are beautiful.