8 Summer Interior Design Trends That Will Be Hotter Than Summer 2018 Itself

Interior designers have already predicted the hottest trends this summer. If you are ready to transform your home, be on the lookout for bright pops of color, new textures, and a growing importance on bringing nature back inside your home this season.
1) For ultimate summer style, include more embellishments. This summer, look for extra embellishments like macramé (knotted string or cord fabric), fringing, tufting, tassels, and feathers to differentiate your home from all of the rest. This trend offers a tactile effect for pillows, throws, and complete room appeal.
2) This summer, bring nature back inside. Including extra greenery inside your home amps up a home’s natural beauty. Try a sampling of succulents. Ferns on the empty shelves on your bookcase. Try a sparse glimpse of a series of air plants. Adorn surfaces with the classic look of cut flowers fresh from your summer garden.
3) This summer, grow your own “living wall.” A living wall creates an entire ecosystem right within your very own home. A vertical garden where you can try your hand at growing herbs, tomatoes, or peppers within the confines of your living room.
4) Get comfortable with an ice cream color palette. Sorbet and gelato offers flavors of bright raspberry, peachy creams, and pastels. In both fashion and home interior design, lively paint colors this summer like pretty lilacs, emboldened corals, and retro peaches will be ready to make a statement.
5) What’s the must-have item of the summer season? Mother of pearl. Including mother of pearl, this smooth and shining iridescent substance found within the inner layer of mollusks, oysters, and abalone, offers a unique coolness to the heat of summer in a home.  Simple mother of pearl accent pieces as the centerpiece of your dining room table during your next evening of entertainment.
6) Seek organics that suit your summer style. Natural accents are still huge. Even come summer time. Authentic real elements make for living spaces that are completely themselves. From bamboo floors to sinks created from stone vessels, nature is still blossoming as an interior design trend that doesn’t seem to be leaving center stage any time soon.
7) Meet the ombre color option. This type of blending, ombre, means “to shade”—has become a popular style for walls, cushions, bedding, and statement rugs. Incorporating the ombre effect into you home offers a sense that the spaces have a “watercolor-like” effect. (Something utterly Southwestern, too.)
8) Get on board with the glittering golds and brushed metals. This pop of metallic sheen next to almost anything can pull a room together. This summer, these metal materials will be shining brighter than the sun. Look for rose gold, bronze, or majestic copper rushing into center stage for summer home design trends.