Give Your Space a Burst of Life Without Lifting a Brush!

Piece of brightly colored art hung above a fireplace

Accessories: Adding colorful accessories to an otherwise neutral space can totally change the space, making it much more interesting. A room without some pop of color can feel rather ordinary. Bright colors for spring are very popular this year. Blue is everywhere in many different hues. The great thing about color is you can keep your room basics neutral and add your pop with color that can change with the seasons.

It is always good to bring in your punch color in three different ways. For example, in a pillow lamp or other accessories such as a vase.

Furniture: Having one piece of furniture in a bright bold color can really make a statement. We are seeing more clients wanting to paint cabinets or other furniture pieces in a bold accent color to give the space some energy and uniqueness. Your space should always reflect you not just look well designed.

Art: Perhaps the easiest way to transform a space is thru art. Prior to the internet, it was harder for all people to have access to great art for reasonable prices. Now there is no excuse. I recently read an article in Architectural Digest on ”Where to buy affordable art online” that was packed with great art sources. Follow the link below to the article: