5 Ways To Upgrade Your Outdoor Space

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(Updated June 2024)

Elevate Your Outdoor Living: Luxury Outdoor Space Decorating Ideas

There are few things better than being surrounded by friends, family, and fresh air. There are many reasons why people like to get together outside; more open space to utilize, easier to entertain guests, and you can fire up the grill and huddle around the fire pit. If you are someone who frequently entertains or just wants to upgrade your outdoor space, there are several outdoor space decorating ideas to bring the indoors to the great outdoors.

Expanding your living area to the outdoors can transform your home into a luxurious retreat where you can relax, entertain, and connect with nature. Whether you’re hosting a soirée under the stars or enjoying a quiet evening with family, here are some outdoor space decorating ideas to elevate your alfresco experience.

Standard Luxury Items for Outdoor Living

1. Comfortable Seating

Comfortable outdoor seating is essential for transforming your backyard into a welcoming extension of your home. Thoughtfully designed seating areas provide a perfect blend of style and function, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor space to the fullest. For larger yards, consider creating multiple seating zones, such as a cozy lounge area with plush sofas and armchairs, a dining area with a stylish table and chairs, and a casual spot with hammocks or bean bags.

Smaller spaces can benefit from versatile, space-saving furniture like modular seating or built-in benches with storage. Selecting weather-resistant materials ensures longevity and low maintenance, while adding cushions, throws, and outdoor rugs enhance comfort and aesthetic appeal. Expert designers can help you choose the right pieces to complement your home’s style, creating a harmonious and inviting outdoor living area.

2. Outdoor Kitchen

Nothing smells better than a hot grill on a summer day, but having your small cooking space cluttered up by utensils and condiments is no way to enjoy the experience. Upgrading to an outdoor kitchen is a great idea for all the foodies out there. You can have plenty of counter space around your grill, a mini fridge for all the produce (and beverages), and maybe even a brick oven for your homemade pizza!

There are various design options when it comes to building an outdoor kitchen. Stone or wood surfaces? What kind of countertops? Do you want a bar top for people to sit at or a table with chairs? Building an outdoor kitchen is a great addition to any home and ensures you’re ready for summer grilling season!

Fire feature on a beautiful outdoor living area to illustrate outdoor space decorating ideas.3. Fire Feature

What better hardscape addition to add than a fire pit? For hundreds if not thousands of years friends and family have been gathering around fire pits to tell stories and laugh. They are such a great element to add to your outdoor space, especially when paired with a comfortable seating area. There’s nothing better than snuggling up with a blanket around a fire when the night turns a bit chilly.

And there are so many more design options when it comes to fire pits besides your classic log fire–there have never been more decorative options for the flames to dance off. Stone, glass, and river rock are all popular options that allow for a range of colors and designs. Metke Remodeling is a dealer for the Cement Elegance concrete fire pits. Come into our showroom to see and touch a concrete fire pit yourself. Share your ideas with us and create something beautiful to upgrade your outdoor space with.

4. Landscape Lighting

Speaking of light, upgrading your outdoor space doesn’t always have to be a large construction process. Sometimes the addition of a few lights here and there can add to the entire ambiance of the space. There is an extensive amount of lights available and each style will produce distinct effects. Using wall sconces is always a great choice because they are out of the way and they light up an area quite effectively while maintaining the proper level of coziness.

You wouldn’t want to install big, rectangular fluorescent lights out on your deck where everyone will be sitting. However, working with a designer will help you discover more options than you thought were available. String lights are also a commonly used and great choice for outdoor lighting, adding a whimsical feel and a soft, warm glow to the space. Pathway lights are also a wonderful idea because they light the walkway from one space to another.

5. Water Feature

Incorporate a water feature such as a fountain, waterfall, or reflecting pool to add tranquility and visual interest to your outdoor space. The soothing sound of flowing water creates a relaxing atmosphere and enhances the overall ambiance of your outdoor retreat. If you are looking to upgrade your outdoor space without any major construction, you can have an elegant water fountain constructed. Or a koi pond if you want a little tranquility added to your garden.

Upgrades for Unique Outdoor Living

1. Outdoor Theater

An outdoor theater can turn your backyard into a fun and exciting place for family and friends. It’s easier than you might think to set up a cozy and enjoyable movie area outside. For a large yard, you can install a big screen and arrange comfortable seating like lounge chairs or even outdoor sofas.

Smaller spaces work well with a portable projector and a simple screen or blank wall. Expert designers can help set up the perfect system, ensuring great picture and sound quality. An outdoor theater makes your backyard the perfect spot for movie nights, sports events, and even gaming, bringing everyone together under the stars.

2. Vertical Garden

A vertical garden is a fantastic way to bring life and color to your backyard, especially if you have limited space. It’s like having a garden that grows up instead of out. For bigger yards, you can create a large, eye-catching wall covered in various plants. In smaller spaces, a simple vertical garden can be made using shelves, hanging pots, or trellises.

Choose easy-to-care-for plants that thrive in your climate, such as herbs, succulents, or flowering vines. Adding a vertical garden not only looks beautiful but also improves air quality and can provide fresh herbs for cooking. With the help of an expert designer, your vertical garden can become a stunning and functional focal point in your outdoor living area.

Backyard pool to illustrate outdoor space decorating ideas3. Splish Splash

A pool is a stunning centerpiece, offering a refreshing escape during hot summer days. For those with larger backyards, a sprawling pool with features like waterfalls, a swim-up bar, or an infinity edge can create a resort-like atmosphere right at home. Smaller yards can still benefit from a well-designed pool, with compact plunge pools or lap pools providing a sleek, modern touch without overwhelming the space.

Spas offer year-round enjoyment, providing a warm retreat during cooler months and a perfect way to unwind after a long day. The pool and spa combination allows for a seamless blend of recreation and relaxation, catering to a wide range of preferences and enhancing your overall outdoor living experience. Expert designers can customize the pool and spa to complement your home’s architecture and landscape.

4. Outdoor Sound System

An outdoor sound system can turn your backyard into a lively and entertaining space. It’s perfect for playing music during parties, BBQs, or just relaxing outside. For a large yard, you can install multiple speakers around the area to create a surround sound effect. In smaller spaces, a couple of good-quality speakers will do the trick.

Choose weatherproof speakers to withstand the elements, and consider wireless options for easy setup and control. An expert designer can help you place the speakers for the best sound quality, ensuring they blend seamlessly with your outdoor decor. With an outdoor sound system, you can enjoy your favorite tunes while lounging, dining, or playing in your backyard, making every moment more enjoyable.

5. Adding A Deck

Building a deck is such a brilliant and versatile addition to any home. Without a deck, there wouldn’t really be a good place for everyone to gather without getting rained on–and living in the Portland area, we experience quite a bit of rain. There are so many design options when it comes to adding a deck to your home.

A covered deck is the best option for this location, but you can also have certain spots of the deck that are not covered for the summer days when you really want to soak up the sun. Incorporating some of the indoors with the outdoors is a great idea. Creating a comfortable seating area with cushioned chairs or couches and a TV up on the wall makes for a wonderful movie night area. You should always be able to enjoy your backyard and a deck that is designed for you and your home is the best way to do that.


What are some considerations for incorporating an outdoor kitchen into my outdoor space?
Consider the layout, functionality, and materials for your outdoor kitchen, including durable countertops, weather-resistant cabinetry, and adequate ventilation for grilling.

How can I create privacy in my outdoor living area without sacrificing style?
Incorporate natural privacy screens such as trellises, pergolas, or planters filled with tall shrubs or bamboo. Alternatively, consider installing retractable screens or drapes for added versatility.

What are some innovative ways to incorporate technology into my outdoor space?
Explore options such as outdoor TVs, motorized retractable awnings, smart lighting systems, and automated irrigation systems to enhance comfort, convenience, and efficiency in your outdoor living area.

What factors should I consider when selecting outdoor furniture for my outdoor space?
Consider the climate, durability, comfort, and style of outdoor furniture. Opt for materials such as teak, aluminum, or synthetic wicker that are weather-resistant and low maintenance.

How can I create a cohesive design aesthetic for my outdoor space?
Choose a cohesive color palette, materials, and design elements that complement the architecture and style of your home. Incorporate outdoor rugs, throw pillows, and accessories to tie the look together and add personality to your outdoor oasis.

Call Metke Remodeling And Luxury Homes

No matter what kind of outdoor design element you are looking to incorporate into your home, the design-build team at Metke Remodeling and Luxury Homes is here to help. Our experienced and professional team will be with you from start to finish. If you already have specific ideas in mind or want some help creating a copacetic environment, our designers will assist and guide you through the whole process.

Having been in this business for many years our team is well experienced in all kinds of luxury additions. Want a big pool with a fountain? Or a new deck with a large fire pit? Maybe you finally decided to get that outdoor kitchen you’ve been dreaming of. Whatever it is, we can create it. If you can dream it, we can build it!