Get Your Home Ready for the Holidays & Indoor Entertaining

Holiday gathering around the table

5 Quick and Painless Remodeling Projects

New paint: adding a fresh coat of paint can completely transform a space from dull to fabulous! Don’t stop with the walls though. If you are sick of your old oak cabinets, then paint them and voila you have a brand new kitchen! There are so many color options your mind will boggle.
Not to fear, you can ask the experts for help! Go down to see your local paint store and get to shopping! If you want to make sure you are on top of the upcoming trends, Pantone has announced 2017’s color palette of the year to be quite different than in the past. They are evolving more towards organic and global color mixes that come together in a more unique and diverse way. We will be seeing a mixture of more greens, blues, and purples and shifting away from the warmer colors.

Window Coverings: Want some drama in your life? Adding window, coverings, draperies, and blinds are a great and simple way to dramatically change the entire look and feel of a space. You can also change out the drapery fabric for different seasons so your space is always ready for any occasion! Click here to see Hunter Douglas’s window covering options!

Lighting: Set the tone of the room with creative lighting fixtures. Updating your ambient and accent lighting with trendy sconces and pendants will really make a big statement in your space. It’s a simple upgrade that makes a world of difference. There are several great lighting showrooms in the Portland area. Don’t delay as lead times may be substantial.

Hardware and plumbing: Bring new life to your doors and cabinets with new hardware. Find knobs or pulls for your cabinets that are the same size as your existing so you don’t have to drill new holes. Replace 1980s doorknobs with new attractive levers. Replace out of date faucets with Kohler’s latest designs for a trendier look.

Add some flare: Never become bored with your living areas again! An extremely easy way to completely change the look and feel of your space is to switch out your decorative elements such as throw pillows, blankets, lampshades, and rungs. You can swap out your themes to coordinate with holidays, seasons, and the latest trends. Also don’t forget to bring the outside in! Swap out your indoor plants as the seasons change. Plants add a much-needed balance between outdoor and indoor living areas. They also add great color, texture, and beauty to any space!