Anthony Jacobucci

Anthony was born in Portland and grew up not too far away in Oregon City.  As a toddler, he watched his dad work on every house the family has ever lived in, and around the time he could read he could never put down the old DIY home remodel books his dad had that he used to get into construction/DIY home remodels himself. When Anthony finally could use the internet and had access to a computer as a kid he would scour the internet for woodworking projects and try to build treehouse plans he found online on his own with what little tools and materials his money could buy. In high school, he took a construction course and in his first course he built a model home using only plans, measuring tools and a chop saw. After a few months, and some trial and error, Anothony had built a model 2,500 sq ft home framed all to current code. He advanced so quickly through the all courses that he was the first freshman that got into the final course in a seniors’ class.

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After graduating in 2018 he worked for a few companies doing crawlspace work, water damage restoration, window installation, and demolition. In 2022, through a construction labor temp agency Anthony found Metke and now feels right at home not only doing carpentry but also being a part of all aspects of remodels in new and old homes.

 A motto he lives by is “leave things better than you found them” so Anthony spends most of his personal time working on multiple older cars he owns and breathing new life into old, outdated things and spaces as much as he can. He also helps his dad with his top to bottom home remodels that he does in his spare time.