Jacob Stelzenmueller

Jacob comes from a family legacy of craftsmen and skilled tradesmen in the residential construction industry. As a young man, when not in school, he was often working for the family HVAC company crawling around under houses pulling ducts. Many summers as a teenager were spent roofing houses and building skateboard ramps with his buddies using his grandfather’s old carpentry tools. As a young arborist, one could find Jacob climbing dizzying heights, cutting trees, and milling them; he would later use these slabs and lumber as a rustic furniture maker, creating family heirlooms for generations to enjoy. These early years became the foundation of hard work and integrity that he has used to further his career, working his way up through the ranks as an apprentice, framer, remodeling tech, cabinet and fixture installer, journeyman, and now project manager.

Working for the last ten years in the remodeling industry, Jacob found his diverse skills and experience has proven to be a winning combination. Finding a home with the Metke team was a natural fit.