Hygge Principles for Kitchen and Bath remodeling in the West Hills

Hygge Bathroom West Hills

The Perfectly Hygge Kitchen and Bathroom in the West Hills

You’ve probably heard about Hygge by now, but if you haven’t get ready to introduce this style into your life. Pronounced “hoo-ga”, Hygge is a Danish movement that’s all about comfort, coziness and domestic bliss. Learn what you can do to add some Hygge to your life when remodeling your kitchen and bathroom in the West Hills.

A little more about Hygge

Like all the best styles, Hygge is about more than a look. Its central tenet is that everything you do, from your clothes to your conversation habits, meal plans to interior decor, and much more, should be all about imparting that warm, fuzzy feeling. When it comes to the look of your home, Hygge visuals usually feature classic or modern imagery from Danish designers. The image that most people have in their heads when they think of Hygge is a put-together living room, but Hygge should extend throughout your home.

Hygge for the bathroom

The bathroom is where you start your day. You wake up and refresh yourself with a shower. The outset of the morning sets the pace for the rest of the day in a very real sense. Adding harmony to the bathroom makes your mornings more serene and relaxing. Some Hygge elements to add to your bathroom include:

  • Basin sinks with ceramic or white or grey vessels.
  • A tub that’s big enough for you to take a relaxing bath.
  • Wooden caddies for holding your favorite bath salts and bubble solutions.
  • The softest, most luxurious mats that you can find.

Hygge kitchens for life

Comfort food is a big, big part of the Hygge lifestyle. The kitchen is in many ways the heart of any Hygge home. It’s where you prepare a warm cup of hot cocoa, cook hearty dinners, and bake the sweetest, most aromatic pastries and desserts. To make your kitchen more Hygge, add some of these elements:

  • Windows on multiple walls to give you natural light for a greater part of the day.
  • Cast iron and porcelain cookware.
  • Wooden bottom cabinets and counter tops for an organic touch.
  • Glass upper counters to display your cutest china pieces.


Where do we go from here?

Hygge in the kitchen and bathroom is just the beginning. As you expand your makeover to include the bedroom, living room, and everywhere else, you’ll notice the feeling of peace and serenity growing in the home. Hygge, by its very nature, has to be personal, but you can always get a helping hand with things.
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