Best Renovations to Increase Home Value

A brand new luxury kitchen with plenty of cabinets, an island, and large dining table to illustrate best renovations to increase home value.

After you’ve been in your home for a few years, do you start looking at ways you can improve it? Or do you know all the changes you want to make to your home before you make that first mortgage payment? Either way, you want to make sure your home improvement projects give you the home you want while still keeping an eye on your investment. Here are a few of the best renovations to increase your home value.

Before you start tearing up the living room carpet hoping for wood floors underneath, there are many factors that should be taken into consideration. The location of your property, the condition of the house, and any improvements you can make during the renovation process should all be weighed carefully.

It is also important to know what kind of return on investment (ROI) you can expect from each renovation project. Start by assessing the current condition of your home and making a list of any repairs or upgrades that need to be completed before commencing with any major renovations.

Structural issues such as roofing, plumbing, electrical wiring, and insulation should be addressed first in order to ensure that they do not become more costly down the road when undertaking other projects. Once these issues have been taken care of, it is time to focus on renovations that will maximize the value of your home in today’s real estate market.

Best Renovations to Increase Home Value

Kitchens and bathrooms are two key rooms in any house when renovating to increase value. Both are considered luxury items and can add significant resale value if designed and installed properly. Consider upgrading appliances, cabinets, countertops, and flooring for a modern look that appeals to potential home buyers.

According to the Remodeling Cost vs. Value Report, luxury bathroom additions, upscale kitchen remodels, and master suite additions with ample square footage will all add the most value to your home. Even a minor kitchen remodel will have a good return on investment when done right.

When it comes to luxury kitchen and bathroom updates, there are several features and upgrades that can help increase the value of your home. Here are some of the best options:

  1. High-end Appliances: Install top-of-the-line appliances from reputable brands, such as professional-grade ovens, refrigerators, and dishwashers. Energy-efficient models are also a plus.
  2. Custom Cabinetry: Invest in custom-made cabinetry with high-quality materials, such as solid wood. Consider features like soft-close drawers, built-in organizers, and pull-out shelves for added convenience.
  3. Quartz or Granite Countertops: Upgrade your countertops to durable and visually appealing materials like quartz or granite. These options provide a luxurious look and are highly desirable among buyers.
  4. Kitchen Island: Add a spacious and functional kitchen island with a countertop that complements the overall design. Consider incorporating features like a sink, seating area, or built-in wine cooler.
  5. Luxury Flooring: Choose premium flooring materials such as hardwood, natural stone, or high-quality tiles. These options can enhance the visual appeal and durability of your kitchen.

Luxury Bathroom Updates:

  1. Walk-in Shower: Replace a standard shower with a spacious walk-in shower featuring luxurious elements like rainfall showerheads, multiple jets, and frameless glass enclosures. You can also remove the little ledge at the bottom of the showers to accommodate aging in place.
  2. Soaking Tub: Install a freestanding soaking tub as a focal point in your bathroom. Opt for elegant designs and high-quality materials like acrylic or cast iron.
  3. Double Vanity: Upgrade to a double vanity with high-end countertops, stylish sinks, and modern fixtures. This provides convenience and a touch of luxury, especially in master bathrooms.
  4. Luxury Lighting: Incorporate elegant and well-designed lighting fixtures, such as pendant lights or wall sconces. Consider adding dimmers for adjustable ambiance.
  5. Heated Flooring: Install radiant floor heating to add comfort and luxury to your bathroom. This feature is especially desirable in colder climates.
  6. Smart Features: Integrate smart technology into your bathroom with features like programmable showers, voice-activated mirrors, or smart toilets. These modern conveniences can add a luxurious touch.

Exterior Home Renovations To Give Your Home an Immediate Upgrade

A luxury outdoor area with seating, fire pit, and modern light fixture to illustrate best renovations to increase home value.There are several exterior home renovations that can help increase the value of your home, or at least make it more appealing to potential homebuyers. While some of these changes may not move the dial like a luxury master suite remodeling project, they can pique the interest of those in the market for a new home.

Of course, building an entire outdoor living space will also make your home that much more liveable. Or maybe the home’s exterior (siding, windows, doors, etc.) is in need of an upgrade because it’s starting to show its age. There’s a lot to consider when it comes to your exterior home renovation projects.

If your roof is old or damaged, replacing it can add value and provide peace of mind to potential buyers. Opt for high-quality materials that are durable and energy-efficient. According to the Remodeling Cost vs. Value report for 2022, metal roofing will bring more value to your home, but it will also cost you more than asphalt roofing.

Upgrading your home’s siding can give it a modern and refreshed look, but it also plays a vital role in protecting the home. Along with the roof, it is the first line of defense against all four seasons. Fiber cement siding like Hardie Board has a much higher ROI than vinyl siding. And a manufactured stone veneer actually offers the best ROI of any home renovation project.

Replacing old windows can improve the look of your home as well as increase the energy efficiency. A garage door replacement will see you gain back over 90 percent of your investment and a new front entry door has an incredible impact on the front house.

Adding or enhancing outdoor living spaces, such as a patio, deck, or outdoor kitchen, can expand your usable space and appeal to buyers who value outdoor entertainment. Interestingly enough, the cost vs value report says you have better ROI with a wood deck than a composite deck, even though the compositie will last much longer and with less maintenance.

The report didn’t cover outdoor living spaces as a whole, but walking out to a four-season living area, complete with luxury kitchen, heat lamps, TV, and other amenities is a wow factor few homes will have. You may not even want to sell the home if it’s done right!

Exterior Aesthetics

Here are a few ideas that won’t necessarily increase the value of your home, but they’ll just make everything look better. A fresh coat of paint can significantly boost your home’s appearance, just choose neutral colors that appeal to a wide range of buyers.

Improving your landscaping can greatly enhance your home’s curb appeal, too, if only it means trimming trees, keeping the yard mowed, and adding some flowers for pops of color. Edging along pathways and even repairing a cracked driveway will show your home has been well cared for.

Best Renovations to Increase Home Value: Work With the Best Contractors

Remember that the value added by these renovations can vary depending on factors such as your location, market conditions, and the quality of the renovations. Researching current market trends and consulting professional design-build contractors can help you make informed decisions when selecting renovations that will increase your home’s value.

Metke Remodeling and Luxury Homes has been in the design-build business for years and our process is designed to save you time and money. By bringing the design and construction sides of a home remodeling project, we’re able to streamline the process, increase transparency, and remove many of those little surprises no one wants two weeks into a project.

When done correctly, investing in quality renovations should pay off in increased home value and possibly even lower costs for repairs down the road. Remember to always focus on quality over quantity when renovating–something Metke Remodeling and Luxury Homes has been doing for 30 years.