How to Make Your Outdoor Space Year-Round Entertainment

Exterior shot of a covered patio with built in heating lamps

We all know and love the beauty of the summer weather in Oregon—letting the day melt away with the company of family and friends, and then watching the sun set in the evening while music plays in the background. What could beat that? Summers are the best time to utilize your outdoor space for entertaining, but why not use it all year long? Our talented design team can help you find and create unity between your interior and exterior spaces.

Here are some important tips to make sure your outdoor entertainment space is cohesive with the indoor ambiance and is ready for every occasion that the changing seasons will bring your way:

Cover your entertainment space

  • This dual-action component is a must-have for the precarious Pacific Northwest. Whether you need shade from the sun or coverage from the rain, having something to protect your outdoor space from the elements is a necessity for entertaining.
  • You can maximize the uniformity between your indoor and outdoor entertainment areas by using the same ceiling structure and paint color as used on the interior walls of the house. This will create harmony between the two spaces and subtly complete your aesthetic. It’s the most important step that no one will notice but everyone will love.

Keep the vibes strong with music and accent lighting

  • There are several great products on the market for portable Bluetooth speakers such as: Sonos, Amazon Echo and Alexa.
  • Nothing ruins the mood like losing the light in the day, so keep your party going all night long with decorative accent lighting that gives your party the perfect ambiance.
  • String lights will draw your guests outside to admire all that your outdoor space has to offer! Your guests will be enjoying each other’s company under the night sky and the warm glow of these string lights, and their warm luminescence will definitely accentuate the beauty of Oregon’s summer nights.

Cold? Light it up!

Explore your options of beautiful and functional fire tables from Cement Elegance. A fire table is the best multipurpose piece for guests of all ages. Whether you’re roasting marshmallows or having a glass of wine with friends as the heat from the day drifts away, a fire table brings the coziness of an indoor fireplace, outdoors. Say bye-bye to the strenuous task of fire-tending; now you can spend more time entertaining!

Take a seat

From sun-strain to downpour rain, weatherproof furniture is another must-have for summers in Oregon. Try to buy pieces that are similar to your indoor furniture so the transition from indoor to outdoor is fluid. Top it off with bright pillows and accent rugs to compliment the summer’s bright & cheery atmosphere.

Use indoor decor outdoors! Nothing makes your outdoor space feel more like indoor than using decor from inside. We recommend using candles, vases and other decorations from indoors to make your outdoor space just as comfortable.

Tablescape and potted plants. Why have an average dining table when you can liven it up with some summer greenery and festive plates? This is an easy way to make your outdoor spaces fresh and fun for the season.  – Let’s bring the beauty of the summer verdure closer to home! Incorporating potted plants to your entertainment space will make the entire area feel one with nature.

Even as the seasons begin to change, we are sure with these improvements, you’ll be entertaining all year-round. Not only will you never want to leave your new outdoor space, but your guests won’t want to leave either. Improving your outdoor entertainment area and making it unified with the interior ambiance will make you want to spend all summer long outside—as it should be.