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Exterior remodel of a modern Dunthorpe homeCustom Home Builders in Dunthorpe

Whether you’re remodeling an existing home or starting from the ground up in the Dunthorpe area of the Portland Metro area, the Metke Remodeling & Luxury Homes design-build team strives to deliver exactly what you’re dreaming of for your home. From initial conversations to collaborative planning, design, and construction through the final walkthrough of your Dunthorpe home, you’ll always know where the project stands.

We take the same approach with every client, no matter if it’s a master bathroom addition or a whole-home remodel. We Elevate the Art of the Home by developing relationships and building trust with our clients from the first conversation. And when we’re finished with your Dunthorpe house, you’ll be proud to call it home.

Custom Home Builder

Luxury Home Renovations

When you moved into your Dunthorpe home, it may have been the perfect place to put down roots. Over time, your tastes and styles may have changed and your home needs a refresh. Or maybe you bought the home with the sole intent of making it “yours” as soon as you got the keys.

Together, we’ll tour the home and discuss what changes you’d like to see and we’ll make recommendations that fit your vision. If there are certain aspects you’d like to keep (such as cabinets, built-ins, or other features) or if it’s a complete upgrade, Metke Remodeling & Luxury Homes designs plans to match your dreams.

With our design-build process, the distance between conception and execution is greatly reduced. With our talented designers working closely with the construction side of the house, we keep downtime and surprises to a minimum. It’s also an ideal way to make the most of your budget.

Custom Home Remodeling

Luxury Home Additions For Dunthorpe Residents

A custom home addition with indoor basketball court | Metke Remodeling and Custom HomesOftentimes, additions can look a little out of place, either because of the architecture, the size, or the placement with the rest of the home. Metke Remodeling & Luxury Homes takes a holistic approach to every luxury addition to ensure it looks like it’s always been there.

The interior will blend seamlessly into the rest of the home, both in appearance as well as structurally. The exterior of your home, including any landscaping, decks, or patios, will become an extension of the home. A well-appointed outdoor area with a full kitchen, heating lamps, and other features will allow you to enjoy outdoor living all year round.

By increasing the living/entertaining space, you’ll have the extra room you need for friends to gather or provide comfortable quarters for an elderly family member so they can be one with the family. Our design-build process will make sure the architectural planning and construction come together cohesively.

Custom Home Additions

Luxury Kitchen Remodeling Dunthorpe, OR

As the heart of the home, you want the very best when it comes to your kitchen. When having friends and family over, guests invariably end up in the kitchen at some point. Metke Remodeling & Luxury Homes will give you the kitchen of your dreams, a space your guests will linger because of its style, design, and overall comfort.

Kitchen technology has grown by leaps and bounds, both for those who like to control everything from their phone as well as homeowners who are looking for age in place. But we’ll never forget our woodworking roots and the kind of quality craftsmanship that stands the test of time.

Our designers will incorporate your suggestions, samples, and examples to create the kind of kitchen you’ll never want to leave. Not just with the bells and whistles you want–six-burner gas ranges, custom cabinets, double wall ovens, and more–but with the overall floor plan as well. We design-build kitchens for function, comfort, and overall aesthetics.

Custom Kitchen Remodel

Luxury Bath Design and Remodeling

Custom bathroom in Dunthorpe homeA respite from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, your master bathroom acts as an oasis. Whether you’re getting ready in the morning or getting ready to call it a day, a well-designed en suite can get you in the right frame of mind. Of course, a nice soak any time of day can help relieve stress and give you the “me time” you so richly deserve.

Working with your input, our design-build teams will ensure you get exactly what you want from your new bathroom. And not just a gorgeous new master bathroom, either. We’ve updated guest bathrooms to match the style and design of the rest of the home while still providing all the necessities of a second (or third) bathroom.

Double sinks, heated floors, towel-drying racks, and more can all be included if you so desire. Seen a particular design you’re absolutely in love with? Bring it in! We’ll also work with your designer if you’ve already been planning for a new, updated look.

Custom Bathroom Remodel

The key point for Metke Remodeling & Luxury Homes is to give you the Dunthorpe home YOU want. This is your new home, kitchen, or en suite Our talented design team will wow you with layout and material selections you may not have even imagined. We want to give you everything you need, want, and desire.