4 Ways to Seamlessly Decorate for the Holidays (Inside Tips from a Designer)

Decorating for the holidays can be a fun, family activity we look forward to every year, but as the collection of cheer grows, so can the clutter.  We asked one of our Designers, Kate Grove for some professional tips on how to seamlessly incorporate your holiday decorations into your home.

  1. Incorporate your existing color palette.
    Use the same color scheme you already have throughout your home into your decorations.  For example, if your colors are blues, whites and grays, use holiday pieces with the same color scheme.  On the other hand, if you have a multi-colored home, consider metallic pieces or other bold items that pop, yet don’t clash with your existing colors.
  2. Consider form and function of decorations.
    If a space is overly decorated, it can feel cluttered and distracting.  Spread larger pieces throughout a larger space to be more visually engaging.  Likewise, if decorations contain too small of pieces, they may be overlooked.  “Consider grouping smaller decorations into a ‘scene’ to create little moments,” Kate says.  “This gives intention to your decorating and more purpose to the pieces.”  The same is true for those vintage or family heirloom items that may not exactly fit in with the rest of your decor, but still have great sentimental value.  Create a space to showcase those special pieces, giving them heartfelt intent while creating a conversation piece.
  3. Chose year-round items to put in storage while the holiday decorations are out.
    It’s easy to grab those holiday boxes and just start putting decorations out, but consider temporarily storing your year-round, décor while your holiday ones are out in their place.  This helps minimize clutter and narrows the focus to create a warm, holiday ambiance.
  4. Plan out your decorations.
    If you’re buying new decorations, consider what should go where in your home before going out and making your purchases.  This will help to create a feel of intention, form and function throughout your finished, decorated spaces!

Most importantly – try not to stress!  The holidays are meant to be a time of love, light, warmth and reflection.  Afterall, the most important pieces of any well-decorated holiday home are your loved ones!

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