Gorgeous Gray Bathroom

These were fun clients that just wanted to update their 90’s special master bath: main goals were to remove the GIGANTIC jetted tub on a tiled platform and replace it with a modern freestanding tub and overall update the color scheme and materials. Inspired by an image of tile running from countertop to ceiling, we incorporated that into the project for an added level of interest.  We also brought in a fun Hex tile for the shower floor and accent in the shower and tub wall tile.

Before photo of a gray bathroom sink, depicting an outdated design in need of modernization and improvementsAfter image of a transformed gray bathroom sink, highlighting modern fixtures and a stylish, updated appearance

Before picture of a gray bathroom shower, showcasing the pre-renovation state with outdated features and surfacesAfter shot of a gray bathroom shower, revealing a renovated space with modernized fixtures and an enhanced aesthetic appeal

Before picture of a gray bathroom tub with dated features, awaiting a renovation for a more contemporary lookAfter shot of a gray bathroom tub, revealing a beautifully renovated space with updated features and enhanced aesthetics

Before photo of a gorgeous gray bathroom vanity, featuring outdated fixtures and surfaces in need of renovationAfter image of a stunning gray bathroom vanity transformation, showcasing modern upgrades and stylish design elements

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